Daily and Weekly Points Checklist

Wanted to share an organization system that I came up with that combines my weekly flip fold calendar idea and life gamification. In this post I’ll give you a template to use to set up your own system. Wanted to share since I was thinking about systems like this recently and realized that I hadn’t written it up yet.

Basically, you set up your daily goals, and they total to 100 points per day. Then, you have some weekly goals, and they should total to 300 points. Then at the end of the week, you see how many of your goals you have accomplished. 700 points would be a 70% success rate. I made it 1000 points just because it was a nice round number and I think it was a good weighting for daily and weekly items. You need to do daily habits (they can be simple), but also keep your weekly goals in mind.

Here is the daily/weekly points template. I made this by using some graph paper to keep everything lined up, and the scan took out the guidelines.

Here is a rough image of what a completed template looks like). I blocked out some things that were potentially sensitive.

I generally prefer keeping things analog until I am pretty sure that I am going to use them regularly. It also lets me modify the system, which keeps it a bit more flexible.

At the bottom, you can see the flip calendar reincarnated in a more linear fashion. All of the basic elements are there as they were before. Again, this is a good way to plan out the week and slot in the weekly tasks that I want to get done.

I think it helped me be more aware of all of the things that I was trying to do and organize them. The image I linked to was when I did BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits program and had three small habits each day to do. The others were “conducts” to try to do things that I thought would help me be more consistent. I liked that some of the habits on this sheet were meta: “get points for filling out this day on the day it happens” and “get points for finishing the sheet”. I think part of the value is continuing with the system, and it also relates to other habit posts that I had, including the streaks calendar.

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