Blog Changes Afoot

Hey there, loyal blog reader! I wanted to tell you about some exciting changes that I have in the works for my blog. And, no, this is not Our Incredible Journey. :)

Domain change

My blog was previously called “22 Idea Street”. This was a name I mostly arbitrarily chose in 2008. Back in 2012, a movie called “21 Jump Street” was released, followed by a sequel “22 Jump Street”. Based on the similarity to these movies, and the arbitrariness of the name, I am deciding to rebrand the blog’s domain to avoid any confusion or unwanted connection. I have never seen the movies and have no idea what they are about. :) I was kind of bummed when I saw this and got less excited about writing here.

“panozzaj” has been my mostly standard username across various sites, and dates back to my days as a Rose-Hulman student. (Their naming convention for usernames was “first six of last name, first initial, middle initial”.) So as of today the blog will be available at I’ll slowly work on changing the site look and feel, but it works for now. Your existing RSS feeds should automatically redirect, and the email list should work the same as before.

Email format change

Previously, I sent the entire article of every new blog post to every person on this mailing list. This has caused me to be hesitant in what I publish to the blog because I have a high bar for emailing people. I want my blog to be a place where I can write down the things that I am learning and my new thoughts-in-progress, and not always need to be “the best article ever written, ever"™.

So instead of me posting all new posts from my blog straight to email, I’m going to curate the posts that I have and send out the best posts and summary posts that link to the site itself. This way, email subscribers can get my best material without needing to see the sausage being made.

If you still want to follow every post I make–from debugging Node.js internals, to playing with Android, to entrepreneurial thoughts and experiments, to robots and Vim internals–subscribe to the RSS feed. That isn’t going away any time soon, and you can always just quickly skip past posts that don’t interest you. If you still want all posts by email, let me know and I can set this up and make it more widely known.

Thanks for tuning in, and I’m excited to write a bit more freely with these blockers out of the way.

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