How to Sign Up For My Office Hours

A new site called ohours has set up a web app that handles appointments for creating office hours. I’m generally interested in catching up with old friends and meeting new people, so figured I’d give it a spin.

Here is my ohours profile. You can subscribe to be alerted when I post a new office hours session. I set up a few hour block of time and a location, and you can schedule a meeting within this time period. I figure that there’s little potential downside (as I could work at the place in the event that no one shows up), but potentially much higher upside. I always learn something new when talking with someone, so this should be a great use of time. When’s the next one? A couple days from now. Sign up now!

If you have any questions about a project that you’re working on, something that you would like to do in the future, or thoughts on life, I’d be glad to talk about it.

Questions for you

What reservations do you have about doing something like this? Do mornings work, or would dinner or late night meetings be better? What side of town would work best for you? Is half an hour good and then extending it if there are openings? Do you want to meet with the other people there too? It would be nice to get in a good cadence so that I could regularly schedule meetings, but I could see switching up times and locations to be conducive to meeting with people. Right now I’m focused around northwest and northside Indy since it is the most convenient for me to go to, but I could see having one downtown as well. Thanks!

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