Getting Objective Resource Working with SDK 4.2

I cloned Objective Resource from the yfactorial ObjectiveResource github repository, initialized the git submodules, and tried building it under the SDK for 4.2.

I ran into two problems when trying to build. First, it complained about not knowing where the SDK was. To remedy this, I went to Project -> Edit Project Settings -> Build -> Base SDK, and changed it to latest. It was originally looking for the 3.0 SDK, which wasn’t installed on my machine.

Next, it complained with the following errors:

: error: CFBundleIdentifier ‘com.yourcompany.objective_resource’ contains illegal character ’: invalid bundle identifier 'com.yourcompany.objectiveresource’

I fixed this by following the instructions for 'com.yourcompany.App_Name’ contains illegal character ’_’. Basically go to Project -> Edit Active Target -> Properties and change identifier from …identifier} to …rfc1034identifier}

Hope this helps someone out!

Categories: development

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