A Debugging Blog

The premise of this blog is that in my day-to-day activities, I run across things that take me awhile to figure out. In an effort to help those that are searching online, it would be nice to put my findings somewhere. My main blog doesn’t seem to be the right venue for this, since it contains longer articles and essays.

I was inspired to do this when working with Android and realizing how few solid resources there were at times. The edges of technology are more difficult to work with. It would have been handy to show myself and others how much I had learned, and for people to take the journey with me as well.

So for now, until I figure out a better way or realize that this is the better way, I’ll add things that I stumble across while doing things I normally do. I’d most like to post realizations that I made while debugging things, and things that take longer than they should to determine the root cause of. I would also like to not take much time while doing this. The nice thing is that it doesn’t need to be updated frequently, and the value is in the searches.

It would be great if this was the oasis that a thirsty debugger quenches his or her thirst at.

Some of the rationale for doing this is selfish. It doesn’t take me much time, and people who are searching might trip over my other properties. Might as well take advantage of the mistakes I’m already making.

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