Free Software Documentation

Found a site that is trying to improve free software documentation. I found this interesting because the idea is related to a previous post that I had about open source tech writers.

It seems that their goal is to improve the documentation of free software products to increase their adoption. You can check this out on the about tab. The discussion on their FLOSS manuals overview reminded me of thoughts that I was having about having some sort of open source documentation or tech writing business. They basically outline the major models for producing content and being compensated for it. There were several sections that focused on the prevailing mindset, technologies, and economics of doing open source (in this case, for free software) documentation. I agree with them that adequate and consistent documentation is something that keeps most open source and free software from being widely adopted on the desktop.

There have been some free software products out there that have been very widely accepted, such as Firefox. I wonder if it is because the program itself was leaps ahead of the proprietary alternative, or if something else contributed to its success.

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