Most charity events take manual labor, so maybe you had an excuse before. But “IndyGiveCamp Charity Challenge Weekend 2009 is an initiative designed to allow developers, designers, DBAs and web enthusiasts to donate their time and talent to developing applications for charities.” Hey, charities need software too!

You list your proficiencies, and are paired up with other developers (optionally of your choosing) and you work on a project for the weekend. With a schedule like this, you can be sure that you will be challenged. Heck, they say that “copious amounts of caffeine will be provided.” Don’t worry, you don’t have to participate the whole weekend. It happens on January 23-25, 2009, which comes sooner than you’d think due to the holidays and whatnot.

I’m definitely planning on going. It seems like a nice chance to work with people that I maybe haven’t worked with before or to work with people from other companies. I heard that a few other people from here were interested. If you’re planning on going, let me know and we can probably arrange to work together. I’ll probably sign up by the end of the month. See if you want even more details. I first heard about this at the Indy group.

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